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Krook 20 promo 2023

This everyday object will quickly become an essential in your pick-up. Designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada, this tool will allow you to retrieve all the hard-to-reach items, whether they are tools, purchases or any other objects.

Easier. Faster. Less messy.

The extendable hook is a must-have for pickup truck owners, a tool to keep on hand.

Its features are designed for maximum efficiency. Lightweight, the Krook20 is easy to use, even at arm's length. Its serrated hook allows better adhesion of objects and provides maximum control.

A convenient LED light is included with the hook, along with three replaceable LR-41 batteries, for better visibility in dark areas or for evening use.

Its 8-foot extendable handle makes it easy to reach objects deep inside your pickup.

An extendable hook with a practical and useful design that you won't be able to live without.


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